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How to Set a Password that is Easy to Remember but Hard to Break

Are you guilty of protecting all your online accounts by the same password or close variations of it to satisfy each website’s …

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Personal Data Security to be made Top Priority for Ride-hailing Companies

A new legislation in California is set to target ride hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft based on their …

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PCI DSS Makes Much Needed Upgrade To Address SSL Risk

The PCI Security Standards Council has come up with a new version of its data security standard that will end …

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Google enhances its security posture by rolling out 2048-bit certificates

The security world is still feeling the effects of the gradual unfolding of revelations made by Edward Snowden part of …

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Eristotle Project develops and deliver innovative solutions and services for improving Cyber Security and Compliance posture for global small and medium size organisations. Capitalising on our interests and R&D driven insights backed by Big Data analysis, we continue to add value for our customers and partners by leading them towards fact based decision making and leverage their investments where they matter the most.

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