Managed Services

What we do for our clients


Security Operations

Outsource your security operations to remove associated overhead.


Incident Response

Retainer based services for managing cyber incidents

Surge Resourcing

Surge Resourcing

Rely on a trusted partner to manage unforseen surges for human capital


Training & Development

Affordable world-class online training in incident response, big data and GRC.

What we do!

We make available a range of open resources to enable organisations of all size to develop and continuously mature end-to-end cyber security solution portfolio. Our advice comes from hands-on experience in setting up security operations for large organisations. This includes definition of the initial and long term strategy and roadmap all the way up to the successful implementation, execution and optimisation of security operations, threat landscape and corresponding controls within the security organisation.

What we do'in?

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Eristotle™ Project

Eristotle Project develops and deliver innovative solutions and services for improving Cyber Security and Compliance posture for global small and medium size organisations. Capitalising on our interests and R&D driven insights backed by Big Data analysis, we continue to add value for our customers and partners by leading them towards fact based decision making and leverage their investments where they matter the most.

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